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Public Engagement to Support Research

The Action Against Stunting Hub is an interdisciplinary research project conducting vital research to address the intractable global challenge of restricted growth in children.

Working directly with communities across India, Indonesia and Senegal who are facing this burden, the Hub recognises that there is not one single cause, but a multitude of factors affecting the development of children. It therefore applies a holistic, Whole Child Approach, examining child-focused interventions to prevent, improve and even reverse some key features of this global issue.

As the public engagement partner, Science Made Simple is working with the research teams in each country to develop interventions with schools, communities and policy makers in order to raise awareness of the issues around child stunting, and the expected outcomes of the scientific research conducted by the Hub.

As the causes of child stunting are many and varied, so too are the academic disciplines needed to address them. We are therefore also working to nurture interdisciplinarity across the Hub teams to help the project make connections between its research areas.

Project deliverables include:
  • New typology to classify types of stunting according to their physical, cognitive, behavioural, nutritional and health outcomes

  • Interventions to improve food hygiene and healthy eating behaviours

  • New tools to risk assess the safety of foods from animal sources

  • Assessment of factors impacting stunting across the study countries, such as role of gut health, egg supplementation, symbiotic supplementation and food safety risk

  • Recommendations on interventions with sustainable implementation strategies

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Action Against Stunting
Action Against Stunting
Action Against Stunting

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