Funded by Wellcome.
Grant ref. 522435

Type of work:
Public engagement partner

2022 – 2024

Elen Evans


An investigative project engaging upper primary children with curiosity-based learning.

The Curious Brain project brings together psychology researchers, educators, and science communicators to explore and evaluate how curiosity-based learning benefits learning and teaching.

Dr Matthias Gruber (School of Psychology, Cardiff University) extends his research into hippocampus-dependent memory, to explore how curiosity can best be harnessed in primary school education. Science Made Simple is working with primary schools across Cardiff to develop activities that support the new Curriculum for Wales.

We provide activities to explore (and get curious about!) a variety of topics, use a range of skills, and plenty of opportunities for cross-curricula learning.

The project also aims to explore the teaching experience for educators involved, to ensure a long-lasting positive impact is felt within our education systems.

Teaching material for you to use!

Here are lots of activities and ideas for educators to bring curiosity-based learning into their teaching.

As well as learning about a variety of interesting topics, the activities are fun, hands-on, require critical-thinking, communication, and creativity – all of which are essential life-skills and requirements for your pupils to gain a CREST Award.

Curious Brain

Teacher Guide

Llyfryn Athrawon

Pupil Activity sheets

Gweithgaredd Myfyrwyr

Teacher Activity Booklet

Teacher Activity Booklet

Download here

Llyfryn Gweithgareddau i Athrawon

Llyfryn Gweithgareddau i Athrawon

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